Speaker Directory Help

Sorting the Speaker List

The list can be sorted ascending or descending by

  • Date Published: The date the speaker made their entry in the directory
  • Date Expiry: The expiration date of the directory entry (speaker entries do not expire)
  • Title: The speaker's name
  • Author: The author's name is not shown
  • Hits: The number of times an entry has been viewed.

Filtering Speakers

In Narcotics Anonymous we focus on our similarities, not our differences so that each addict understands that we all have one important thing in common; we all suffer from the disease of addiction.  However, we also know that at particular times, you may have particular needs. To assist you in finding a speaker to meet your needs, we have provided specific criteria to limit your search.

Initially, the speaker list is not filtered at all. Each additional filter criterion that you add limits the list of speakers on the screen.

  • Categories: Select one or more - Female, Male, Transgender.
  • Clean Date: You may filter for entries earlier than a date, later than a date or within a specific interval.
  • Ethnicity: Select one or more - African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Other (Optional field.  Not everyone will complete it)
  • Year Born: Select one or more - Ten year increments if you're looking for a particular age.
  • Location: Enter any part of a city or zip code to narrow down your results
  • Keywords: Select one or more - Aspects of the speaker's story (Optional field. Just because a speaker didn't check a particular keyword doesn't mean that they're story won't include it.
  • Availability: Select one or more - Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, or It varies.


Enter freeform search criteria. Any entry that matches the search criteria will be shown in the list.

Map of Speakers

Enter the address of your event and a distance.  The result will show a map with speakers within that radius. You can also enter any other filter requirements if you would like to restrict the results even further.

Contacting a Speaker

You can view the details of a speaker's entry by clicking the View Details link. In the Detail View click the  Contact Speaker  button and fill out the contact form to send an email to the speaker.  Please schedule your event with the speaker directly.