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Going to your first Narcotics Anonymous meeting alone can be frightening.  Most of us thought twice about attending, wondering if we really belonged there, and even if we did, can these meetings really help?  Many of us experienced feelings of fear about re-entering society after completing a treatment program.  We worried that we wouldn't find the support we needed to keep our recovery going.  We can help.

We “Bridge the Gap” so you don’t have to walk alone across that scary gap between the beginning of recovery in treatment or jail and the rest of recovery in NA.  Shortly after receiving a request for help, an NA volunteer will contact you.  The temporary NA contact will accompany you to a variety of NA meetings, make introductions to other members of Narcotics Anonymous,  and share his/her experience of recovery as experienced through the Narcotics Anonymous program.

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Statistics don't lie, and the chances of recovering alone are not good.  If you would like to speak to someone about Narcotics Anonymous who would be willing to accompany you to your first meeting, do yourself a favor; complete this form, reach out and request a temporary contact.  Someone will be in touch with you right away.


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