If I'm on drug replacement can I attend NA meetings?

 Our program of recovery begins with abstinence from all drugs, including alcohol. Sometimes people come to NA meetings while still using drugs, detoxing from drugs, or on drug replacement therapy.

Regardless of what you may be taking when you first come to NA, you are welcome at our meetings. The fellowship as a whole has no opinion on outside issues, and this includes medication.

Also, members often have questions about prescribed medications. We encourage you to read NA literature (Basic Text, , NA Groups and Medication, etc.), which will explain NA's approach to recovery, and to talk to NA members who have faced similar situations about what worked for them. We are not professionals and cannot offer expert opinions in medical matters; we can only share our personal experiences buying ultram online .

The literature mentioned above can be downloaded in PDF format for free at this site:

NA Approved Informational Pamphlets