Wanted: Sponsors Behind The Walls

Wanted: Sponsors Behind The Walls

Many NA members who are incarcerated don't have the ability to experience the miracle of sponsorship face to face. Still, many of them are looking for someone to sponsor them through the mail. With this program, the addicts behind the walls send a letter to the SBTW P.O. Box. Your sponsee's letter is forwarded to you either through email or regular mail, whichever is best for you. Then you respond to your sponsee directly using the P.O. Box as your return address.

For security reasons, your sponsee behind the walls will never know your address because they always coorespond with you through the P.O. Box.

Requirements: You must be an NA member with at least 1 year clean, and be working the twelve steps of Narcotics Anonymous.

To get started, just fill out this form and a sponsee will be assigned to you.

Sponsorship Behind The Walls

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