Wanted: Helpline Orientation Leaders

Wanted: Helpline Orientation Leaders


Train Helpline Volunteers

Become a Helpline Orientation Leader. It's easy.  Just 30 minutes and can be very informal. Just get across the important points in answering the Helpline. You will be trained, Ongoing training is also provided.


  • Schedule Helpline Orientation in conjunction with a local NA Events or at a Group
  • Go over the important points of answering the Helpline face-to-face or over a conference call
  • Present to Helpline Volunteers the do's and don't's of being a helpline volunteer
  • Hand out or send out orientation packet
  • Gather contact information of the volunteers and update the Helpline scheduling manager


We will give you all the training you need to get going and ongoing training as well.  This is a team effort and you'll never be in this alone. The Helpline Project team needs you.


  • Each orientation session takes about 1 hour of planning
  • Each orientation session takes about 35 minutes hours to complete
  • Ideally, you would do 1 to 2 orientation sessions per year in and around your geographic area

Get all the help you need from the Helpline Project Team as often as you like.

To volunteer, fill out this form. If you have questions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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