Welcome to the Minnesota Region of Narcotics Anonymous Website. You are a registered participant which means that you have identified yourself as an NA member. Being registered allows you access to the members only sections of the site.


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The Help Menu

In the Help Menu there are some options that are, well, . . . helpful

  • How Do I . . .? - A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) asked by NA members.
  • I have a question - Ask us any question you may have.  Your question may end up as part of the FAQ for NA members.
  • I have a suggestion - If you have a suggestion on how to make the website better, please let us know.

The Calendar

The NA Calendar contains all the upcoming events in the region including: Dances, parties, campouts, conventions, service committee meetings, service opportunities, and other social events. All events are sponsored by an NA Group or by a committee directly accountable to the NA groups they serve. Each board or committee has a designated "web publisher" who can put events on the calendar. You can get to the calendar from the Main Menu at the top of the page under NA Events or from the left side under Calendar.

Update the Meeting List

Now that you've registered, a new menu option is available on the left side under Meeting Lists. Update the Meeting List allows you to send an email to our meeting list administrator who will update our meeting list database. Keeping our meeting list up to date is the best way for us to make sure that suffering addicts find the opportunity to recover. After all, that's where the miracle of recovery happens, addict to addict in our meetings. And there is no greater tragedy than someone in pain trying to go to their first NA meeting where no one shows up. Keeping the meeting list accurate is every member's responsibility.

Your Local Area Committee Section

On the left side menu you will find your local area service committee as well as a section for MNNAC, the MNRSC and the UMSO. Explore these areas and get to know what's there. Each committee may have some unique options but for the most part all of them contain some standard functions:

  • Home - A Description of the area served
  • Area Meeting List - Download the most current list of meetings in your area
  • Trusted Servant Information - Who the current trusted servants are along with the duties and requirements of the elected positions.
  • Welcome Packet - Helpful information for new GSRs.
  • Bylaws - Download the committee's bylaws or guidelines.
  • File Cabinet - A document archive for committee reports, by-laws, minutes and other historical documents
  • Contact Us - An easy way to send an email to the committee.

This is just a quick overview of what is available on the site. More will be revealed. We'll continue to change, grow and add new functionality. This site will only be as good as the users make it, so we hope you take advantage of the opportunity it represents. We'll be developing an FAQ as time goes by. If you have a question, please ask.